How it works:

Users click the valuation tool and enter their postcode

A short form appears and when completed delivers an instant valuation report

Trappic is proving to be very popular, very quickly.

  • “It is fast, reliable and no complications at all. But it is not just a tool for leads, our web visitors who use the App spend longer on our site - which is really good for our SEO rankings!”

    Nikki Bristow
    Nikki Bristow Pick Property
  • “Impressed by the min, mid and max valuations the tool generates for the user. It means that we can do a follow up call and offer a single accurate valuation and achieve a sign up. It's the future!”

    Scott Bryson
    Scott Bryson Sell House Fast
  • “Best lead gen tool I have worked with. It's simple, slick and extremely cost-effective - it makes my entire workflow seamless.”

    Alan McGrouther
    Alan McGrouther Move Right